SoftNI Corporation

Location: Los Angeles, California (CA)

SoftNI Corporation is the worldwide leader in the creation of viewer-oriented subtitling, closed captioning and dubbing solutions for the film, television, DVD and cable/satellite industries. Our main goal is to develop systems which improve the understanding and enjoyment of motion pictures, television programs and live events across our Multilingual Global Village™.

Honoring the concept of its name "Software & New Ideas," SoftNI was the first company to develop and release a computer-based video subtitling system in the early 80s; SYSTEM III ("The Subtitling Revolution").

The development of SYSTEM III involved unprecedented and extensive research into the subtitling field, where every aspect of the subtitling process was examined from "the ground up." Revolutionary procedures and concepts, such as ERF-Easy Reading Factor™, POD-Proportional On-screen Duration™, TRS-True Reading Speed™, were conceived for the first time and applied to solve the basic problems of subtitle translation, design and display.

Since then SoftNI continued its pioneer development of groundbreaking subtitling and closed captioning solutions adapted to the fast-changing technologies and new media including DVD, DTH, DVB and Webcasting, which are currently reaching all corners of our multilingual planet.

This commitment is present in our most recent releases: the Subtitler Suite™ and the CaSat Suite™, open-architecture, multi-purpose family of subtitling products, designed to meet all possible subtitling needs, from the translation and subtitling of home videos by independent translators to the demand of multinational cable/satellite services; the Cinema Subtitler™ for traditional and digital theatrical subtitling; the Live Subtitler™ and Live Captioner ™ which allow users to translate and add subtitles, closed captions and Teletext to live transmissions via cable, satellite and webcasting. SoftNI is also releasing the Dubbing Suite™, a comprehensive dubbing solution that vastly improves dubbing quality while reducing costs.

From its beginnings SoftNI's technology has lead the way and has been embraced by hundreds of subtitlers and corporations in America including most of the largest players in the region such as DirecTV, SKY, HBO, Fox, Warner, SPE/Columbia Tri-Start, E! Entertainment, A&E/Mundo, Televisa, TVGlobo/Globosat and many others. SoftNI is now expanding and introducing its powerful software based technologies into Europe and Asia with great success.

Tomorrow and beyond, SoftNI will remain the cornerstone of an exciting Multilingual Global Village™.

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